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Penelope Espinoza


The purpose of this research was to examine academic success and engagement among current and former residential students living at the University of Texas at El Paso's student housing facilities. UTEP is a distinctive institution of higher education because it serves a large number of first generation and minority students. The majority of the population at UTEP consists of Hispanic students, and it is located on the U.S.-Mexico border.

The population for this study included current and former residents of UTEP's student housing during the fall 2012, spring 2013, and fall 2013 semesters. Three methods were used to collect data from students attending this institution. The first was a regression model used to analyze student information. The dependent variable was student grade point average, and the independent variables included housing status, hours earned, home residence and financial aid (receipt of the Pell Grant award). The second method used was a student survey administered to current and former residents of student housing. The third method of data collection was the utilization of two focus groups. One focus group consisted of students who were currently living at the student housing, and the other was made up of students who departed the facility.

This study found that housing status significantly predicted academic success (in terms of grade point average); current housing residents earned more degree hours than former residents; financial aid and home residence were not significant factors in student success; the family had a major influence on students' college experiences; and the influence of the Hispanic culture related to different residential experiences for students from the El Paso region when compared to students from other parts of Texas and the United States. Other data indicates that more research is needed on cultural influences on residential life and student success, and on financial issues affecting students in this area along the U.S.-Mexico border.




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