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Master of Science


Civil Engineering


Carlos M. Chang


Transportation Asset Management is a decision-making process, which allocates available resources for operating, maintaining, enhancing, and expanding transportation infrastructure while considering its entire life cycle. Transportation infrastructure includes different types of assets and pavements are one of the main assets due to its social, economic, and environmental impacts to society. Transportation agencies implement Pavement Management Systems to support the pavement management process. While implementing and operating a Pavement Management System, one of the costliest procedures is collecting pavement condition data from the field. Good quality for pavement condition data is required to select the right preservation treatments, estimate the associated costs, model the pavement performance, justify budget needs, and apply well-timed maintenance and rehabilitation strategies.

This Thesis focuses on the development of a framework that incorporates a systematic quality control method in the pavement management process. The methodology includes quality control validation checks and statistical tests for data collection of the pavement inventory, condition assessment, and performance modeling. The results of this research contribute to the improvement of data quality used in the pavement management process by identifying poor quality data collected either manually or automatically. This methodology can be applied to training programs, certification programs, pre-collection sites, verification sites, control sites, and sample audits, among other quality control processes.




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