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Master of Science


Intelligence and National Security


Larry Valero


The primary aim of this Thesis is to provide the reader with a firm understanding of the evolution of the Muslim Brotherhood's operational code from the early 2000s to 2013. Specifically, this research will address and analyze the evolution of the Brotherhood's political rhetoric from its historical context to the present. The Brotherhood's political rhetoric will be analyzed utilizing Operational Code Analysis. The secondary aim of this research is to provide a potential framework for policymakers and diplomats to utilize public diplomacy and strategic communication strategies to engage and constrain the influence of the Brotherhood in a globalized society. This research discusses three equally important topics in depth: the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Operational Code Analysis, and Public Diplomacy. Correspondingly, this Thesis has a robust literature review section to provide the reader with substantial understanding of the topics discussed. The Muslim Brotherhood's sentiments on three topics (Israel, the Establishment and the United States) are measured across three separate temporal variables. This Thesis argues that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's operational code has become more conflictual through each time period observed. There also remains opportunities, particularly for the United States, to engage the Brotherhood through public diplomacy means.




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