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Master of Science


Electrical Engineering


Raymond C. Rumpf


Many times, mankind's creative nature has pushed the envelope beyond what was deemed physically possible at the time. People have engineered ways for us to fly, communicate across the globe in seconds, landed on the moon, and more recently discovered ways to make an object invisible. Unfortunately, there are times that this creativeness is hindered by funding, access to required tools or a combination of both. While this work cannot provide funding, it does provide a tool that one could use to model and simulate a variety of media. The media can vary from devices already being implemented to more complex materials like anisotropic metamaterials. Some of these anisotropic metamaterials are currently being investigated for use in the areas of near field spectroscopy, cloaking, Dyakonov surface waves, and much more. These three topics require exotic materials with properties not found in nature, and the simulation tools currently available are quite costly to the normal consumer. This work aims to provide an algorithm to analyze complex anisotropic structures that can be implemented in any coding environment and opening the doors for more minds to play and invent new applications using these fascinating electromagnetic anisotropic materials.




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Jose Luis Enriquez