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Journal of Nursing Management

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Aim: To evaluate literature on the importance of good communication between managers and nurses, and its influence on nurses and patient care.

Background: In the nursing scenario, concepts such as engagement and job satisfaction are tied to manager communication and influence the care provided (Kunie et al., 2017). It is crucial to recognize the importance of manager communication on the nurses and patient care. The evaluation was guided by this question: in the review of post-2014 quantitative studies, is there evidence that nurse managers with high communication competence have better patient/staff outcomes than those with lower competencies?

Evaluation: We evaluated current research through an evidence review on the day-to- day influence of nurse manager communication. We conducted our search using common health databases. Since the American Organization for Nurse Leadership developed nurse manager competencies in 2014, we only included articles published after that year. Further inclusion criteria included primary, quantitative and peer-reviewed research.

Key Issues: Thirty articles remained after the application of inclusion/exclusion criteria with five themes emerging: patient safety and quality, job satisfaction, leadership styles, innovative practice and general management skills.

Conclusion: Research associates positive patient and staff outcomes with a leader who exhibits communication competences.

Implications for Nursing Management: Assessment of current competence levels in communication in nurse managers is needed. Education for improving communication skills is also needed.


DOI: 10.1111/jonm.13324

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