The Effect of Communication Practice on Deviance Among Korean Salespeople: The Mediating Role of Intrinsic Motivation

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Yoo, J. (., Flaherty, K., & Frankwick, G. L. (2014). The effect of communication practice on deviance among korean salespeople: The mediating role of intrinsic motivation


Previous research on salesperson behavior largely focused on positive and productive behavior and less on the negative side of the salesperson behavior. This research examines the effect of leader–member communication exchange on salesperson workplace deviance and the mediating role of trust and intrinsic motivation in this relationship. Data were collected from 469 salespeople in the Korean banking industry. Results of the structural equation model show that indirect and bi-directional communication between manager and salesperson decrease salesperson workplace deviance by increasing trust and motivation. However, communication frequency and mood have no significant effects on salesperson trust. Finally, motivation (achievement, status, and communion striving) plays a mediating role in the negative relationships between salesperson trust and his/her deviant behavior toward specific targets (organization, coworker, and customer).