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Bracero Oral History

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Aurelio Delgado Moreno was born in Las Nieves, Durango, México, in 1924; he helped his father work in the fields; he later helped work on the Pan-American Highway; in 1953, while he was working in Camargo, Chihuahua, he heard of the Bracero Program; he worked as a bracero for only three months; after that, he never returned to the United States.

Summary of Interview

In 1954, when Mr. Delgado became a bracero, he was married and had two children; he recalls that the officials from the United States chose braceros based on the way they walked and the condition of their hands; his first work contract took him to Pecos, Texas; the living conditions there were problematic because there were up to forty braceros per barracks; many of them stayed up late playing cards or talking; he remembers that there was one bracero that was particularly good at playing cards; as a result, this bracero and a rancher went from town to town playing cards, and consequently won a lot of money; Mr. Delgado tried sending money to his family, but they never received any of it.

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