Sandra McGee Deutsch

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Born in 1913 in a small town in Entre Rios, Argentina. Studied to be a teacher but because of political persecution had difficulties getting jobs and finishing her education. Eventually got a degree in Pedagogy, became university professor. Active in Communist Party and other groups.

Summary of Interview

Born 1913 in small town in Entre Rios, Argentina. Her parents had lived in the colonies. They were not very interested in their daughter's education, but because they moved to Buenos Aires, she was able to go beyond the 3rd grade. She finished normal school and then studied physics at the Profesorado for secondary school teachers. Here, and at the university later, she experienced persecution because of her student activism and interest in Marxism. As a result of her expulsion from her studies in 1936, she joined the Communist Youth. Eventually she earned a degree in Pedagogy from the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Her political activism continued, in the P.C., Agrupación Intelectual Femenina, Junta de la Victoria, Federación Universitaria Argentina, Unión de Mujeres Argentinas. In the meantime, she carried out educational research, wrote books, set up an institute to help mentally challenged children, and raised 2 children. She became a professor at the Universidad de la Plata and Universidad de Buenos Aires. Lived in Venezuela during the dictatorship of 1976-1983.

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