Ruth de Sommer


Sandra McGee Deutsch

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Ruth de Sommer arrived to Argentinain 1936. She got married and moved to Córdova, where she lived for many years. In Buenos Aires she has been involved in writing and in volunteer work.

Summary of Interview

Sommer left Germany at the beginning of the Third Reich, for Holland; she saw how bad the antisiemitism was. She left when she was 16, and she lived in Holland with a family, working as a nursemaid (niñera). Then she came alone to Buenos Aires in 1936; her parents arrived later. When she arrived, since she was alone (without parent's written consent) and only 20 years old, she wasn't allowed to leave the port until her aunt arrived to vouch for her. She lived with her uncle and aunt in Belgraro until her parents arrived.Her parents rented an apartment in San Telmo, where they rented out rooms. She met her future husband and married him, and they moved to Córdova. She worked in Buenos Aires, but in Córdova she dedicated herself to taking care of the house, her daughter, W120, and she also worked for her husband's business. In the 80s they moved to Buenos Aires, where most of her family was located. She integrated herself into Córdova society and rarely spoke German. She adapted easily, unlike her mother. Here in Buenos Aires she writes and is very active in volunteer groups. She has much optimism and love of life.

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