Esther Rollansky


Sandra McGee Deutsch

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Daughter of famous Yiddistist, she absorbed his love of Jewish culture and tradition. She became a teacher in Jewish schools in Buenos Aires.

Summary of Interview

Her mother was born in the colonies and her father, Samuel, was born in Poland. Samuel was a journalist for Jewish papers, a theater critic, a scholar, and the head of the Kultur Congress. He initiated love of Jewish culture and traditions- as well as socialism-into his children. They didn't only speak Yiddish at home, they lived Yiddish culture. She attended state (public) and Yiddish laic schools and became a teacher in various Jewish schools.A s a young girl she practically lived in the Yiddish theater. She met famous people in Yiddish culture from abroad, who visited her parent's house. She transmitted Yiddish culture and Jewish values to her children, both of whom live in Israel.

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2 hours and 15 minutes

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No. 958

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No. 958

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No. 958

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Interview in Spanish.