Sara Salon


Sandra McGee Deutsch

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Argentine-born, her parents came from Smyrna. She spent much of her life in Corrientes and Posadas; in the first of these cities, she experienced much antisemitism. Her mother helped raise money to build the synagogue in Corrientes.

Summary of Interview

Her parents met in Smyrna and her father sent for her mother after he got to Posadas. They married in Paraguay because the Argentine officials didn't want to officiate over the marriage of a minor. Her mother was illiterate, yet she knew how to handle business affairs and was a musician. They participated in the small Turkish community. They moved to Corrientes and her mother's large family joined her there. The Turkish community in Corrientes was large. Her mother, with her friends, held singing and dancing sessions on Sundays to raise money to build the synagogue, which became the Asociación Israelita Latina, built around 1928. Sara was born in Corrientes in 1922. She remembers much antisemitism. Catholics thought Jews didn't eat pork because they revered the pig's head! After she married, she and her husband moved to Posadas, where her horizons expanded beyond the Sephardic community. Posadas was much less conservative and much more tolerant than Corrientes. There she raised three children. one of whom became active in Frepaso

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