Anita Lang


Sandra McGee Deutsch

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Anita Lang is an actress of the Yiddish theater and film world. She was born in Russia. She also was involved in the Junta de la Victoria, help for concentration camp displaced people, and money for the Israeli independence.

Summary of Interview

Born 1918, Lang came to Argentina with her parents from Russia when she was five years old. Her parents and grandparents also were in the theater.Although her dad didn't want her to be an actress, she became one anyway. She enjoyed a happy adolescence studying and going to the Hebraica and Macabi. She started in film when a film personality saw her on the beach and asked her to come for a tryout. She acted in 8 films, one of them about a prostitute ("una mujer"). Then she got married and had two children. When she separated from her husband,s he went into Yiddish theater,w here she stayed for 30 years. It paid better than national theater. In the meantime she was in the Commission of the Junta de la Victoria, once narrowly escaping arrest. She was a prisoner for 8 hours,b y accident,o n another occasion. She wasn't involved in the leftist Jewish Theater, although she acted some with IFT actresses. Shew as also active in supporting the Haganah and displaced people from concentration camps after the war.

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45 minutes

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No. 953

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No. 953

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