Mina Fridman


Sandra McGee Deutsch

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Active in Communist party for 60 years. Translator of Yiddish and English. Teacher in Jewish progressive schools. Also taught classes in English and Yiddish.

Summary of Interview

Parents from the Ukraine. She was born in Argentina in 1922. Lived much of her life in Rosarió. Though her father was of a good economic position, she imbibed communism from her Yiddish teacher. The Spanish Civil War also awoke her desire for social change. She entered the Communist party in 1940. She had been active in the Comisión de Ayuda a la Unión Soviética y Países Aliados and previously in Organización Popular contra el Racismo y Antisemitismo. She was also involved in solidarity work for political prisoners including her own husband.She her self was jailed twice. Her other activities were mainly cultural-ICUF, writing, translating. She studied Yiddish and English and eventually finished the profesorado in English in 1970. She her self did not experience much antisemitism, although she was always active in antiracist causes. For her, Judaism and Communism were one; there was no contradiction between them.

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1 hour and 45 minutes

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No. 951

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No. 951

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Interview in Spanish.