Robert F. Limon


W Noel McAnulty, Jr.


Mining in Mexico

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

1941 graduate, Texas College of Mines, divisional manager in ASARCO's Mexico City office, 1962-1978.

Summary of Interview

Part of Mining in Mexico Oral History Project; recollections of family's decision to leave Mexico during Mexican Revolution; move to U.S. and Argentina; details work as mining engineering for ASARCO units at San Luis, Potosí, La Prieta, Chihuahua, Taxco, Guerrero, and Plomosas, Chihuahua, 1944-1962; living conditions at mines; mines fires; changes in ASARCO following Mexicanization; IMMSA's (Industria Minera Mexico, S.A.) acquisition of Towne Mines' interests at Santa Bárbara, Chihuahua; impressions of Jorge Larea, CEO of IMMSA.

Date of Interview


Length of Interview

1 hour and 5 minutes

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No. 892

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No. 892

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29 pages

Interview Number

No. 892

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