Reyes V. Torres


Michelle L. Gomilla

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Former radio operator/waist gunner with 15th Air Force, 45st Bomb Group, 725th Bomb Squad, Foggia, Italy, during WWII and POW in Spittal on the Draw, Frankfurt, Stalga Luft II and Stalag Luft III.

Summary of Interview

Part of WWII: El Paso Homefront Project; biographical data; provides detailed description of capture by German ski troopers after being shot down on combat mission to Regensberg, Germany; daily life in POW camps; liberation of camp by Russian Army; discrimination and prejudice in U.S. military.

Date of Interview


Length of Interview

1 hour and 10 minutes

Tape Number

No. 870

Transcript Number

No. 870

Length of Transcript

38 pages

Interview Number

No. 870

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