Louis B. McKee


Becky Craver


El Paso Family Owned Businesses

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Born July 11, 1933; Childhood address was 2630 Richmond; attended Crockett and Austin High School; received BS in Civil Engineering from University of New Mexico 1955; U.S. Marine Corps 1955-57; went to work for dad's company, R. E. Mckee Construction, Inc., in 1957 and remained with the company even after merger into Santa Fe Industries until retirement in 1982.

Summary of Interview

Childhood memories; declares reasons for his father's success; discusses father's early career; quotes his father as saying his job was to "keep the opera singers singing." Speaks of his father as an innovator in offering employee benefits such as stock shares; compliments father as having a good relationship will employees; explains reasons for the company going public in 1971 and the procedures to register the company with American Stock Exchange in 1971; discusses merger of Robert E. McKee, Inc and the Zia Company, into Santa Fe Industries in 1973.

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Length of Interview

45 minutes

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No. 785

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No. 785

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20 pages


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No. 785

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