R. Milton Leech


Sarah E. John


History of the University

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from U.T. Austin in 1948, the first Master of Fine Arts degree in Dramatic Production from U.T. Austin in 1949, and a Ph.D. from the same institution.

Summary of Interview

Biographical data; how he came to Texas Western College; the beginning of the Drama and Speech program (and eventually the Drama and Speech Department), and the first plays produced; persons from Fort Bliss who helped the drama program get started; favorite productions; former students who have gone on professionally in the theatre and in higher education; administrative work, including Executive Director of Mission '73, Assistant to the President (Dr. Ray), the first Vice President at UTEP, and Acting President, student unrest and ethnic concerns, changes and condition in curriculum, facilities and activities; contributions to the Drama Department since 1971; future plans.

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1 hour

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No. 697

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No. 697

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No. 697

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