Tom Chism


Sarah E. John


History of the University

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Came to Texas Western College in 1956 as the Director of the Baptist Student Union and chairman of the Religion Department until 1964; became Director of Student Activities in 1966; has since taken on various titles and positions in administration and is now Director of Special Academic Services.

Summary of Interview

Biographical data; how he came to Texas Western College; activities as BSU director; faculty and staff he has known; his work on the committee to desegregate El Paso in the late fifties; how he became Director of Student Activities; the designinq of the new Union Building; the Lyceum Series; the Film Series; New Student Orientation Proqram; the International Student Office; recruiting program; Study Skills and Tutorial Service; housing problems; various university personalities; the ye~rs of the student revolution; Templeton's administration; commencement; various anecdotes.

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Length of Interview

2 hours

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No. 695

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No. 695

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71 pages

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No. 695

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