Socorro Senior High School Students


Sombras del Pasado: Interviews with Residents of Socorro and San Elizario, Texas.

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Recollections of several Socorro and San Elizario residents interviewed by Socorro Senior High School students. Sponsor: Ms. Julia Kumor, English Teacher. Include culture, folklore and traditions of the area. 31 individual interviews

Summary of Interview

Topics from the collection include: Adobe (M, R, S); Antiques (G); Aztec Tribe (Q); Muertos (H, I, L); Easter: 'Way of the Cross' (E); El Paso Times (W); Ghost Stories (A, B); Grutas (O); Historical Sights (G); Holidays (F); Making corn tortillas with a metate (Y); Matachines (EE); Missions (G, I, L, BB); Moon Ranch (C); Rodeos (T); San Elizario History (AA); Santos (G); Socorro History (K); Weddings (U); Wood-carving (Q, S); Wood lay (N). Many of the interviews may also contain general overviews of Socorro and San Elizario general history.

Date of Interview


Length of Interview

15 hours

Tape Number

No. 454

Interview Number

No. 454

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