Summary of Interview

About 25 interviews conducted by students from Pan American University in the late 1970s, many in Spanish. Mexican Americans from this part of Texas recount a variety of experiences since 1910, including the Mexican Revolution, Immigration, labor issues, ethnic relations, and other topics.

Date of Interview


Length of Interview

5 hours

Tape Number

No. 438

Interview Number

No. 438

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The embedded audio file is an interview with Santiago Martinez.

The additional files are interviews with:

Juanita Castro
Mrs. Jesus Villarreal
Miguel Serna
Benito Perales
Guadalupe Ruiz

Plus two other individuals.

The files are quite large and may take time to download, be patient.

438 R Castro, Juanita.mp3 (44352 kB)
438 R Castro, Juanita

438 S Villarreal, Mrs. Jesus L..mp3 (69326 kB)
438 S Villarreal, Mrs. Jesus L.

438 T Serna, Miguel.mp3 (76367 kB)
438 T Serna, Miguel

438 U Perales, Benito.mp3 (44880 kB)
438 U Perales, Benito

438 V Ruiz, Guadalupe.mp3 (55112 kB)
438 V Ruiz, Guadalupe

438 W Inocencia.mp3 (22606 kB)
438 W Inocencia

438 X Unidentified.mp3 (44684 kB)
438 X Unidentified