Jean Hocking and Sarah John


Sunset Heights Project

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Mrs. Ratner is a native El Pasoan, descendant of a pioneer family; her father was of Jewish and Christian background; has lived in El Paso most of her life. Mr. Ratner is a businessman in El Paso.

Summary of Interview

Biography; early businesses in El Paso; families who lived on Hawthorne Street in Sunset Heights; Mrs. Ratner's background; early El Paso families; school experiences; General Escobar; refugee families who moved into the Sunset Heights area during the Mexican Revolution; Anglo/Mexican relations; the word "Chicano"; Golden Years and decline of Sunset Heights; El Paso during World War II and going to Juarez to purchase rationed items; gambling and prostitution; development of El Paso's Jewish community; Italian POW camp in El Paso at Washington Park; other comments on the history of El Paso.

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Length of Interview

2 hours

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No. 310

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No. 310

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55 pages


Jean Hocking

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No. 310

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