Javier J. Valle


John T. Tillti


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Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

(Officer for the Texas Industrial Accident Board) Mr. Valle was born on April 6, 1914 in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. When he was eight years old his family came to South El Paso. His father was a Mexican army officer in exile in the United States and he was not able to be with his family. In 1936 Mr. Valle moved to Los Angeles, married, and began raising a family. He was involved in the Zoot Suit Riots there, and afterwards was in the Second World War. He later went to college under the G.I. Bill and studied law. He returned to El Paso in 1960 and is presently in charge of the Texas Industrial Accident Board.

Summary of Interview

History of the Chinese in the State of Sonora; the origin of the word "Chicano" (Chicano was used in Sonora to designate the offspring of a marriage between a Chinese man and a Mexican woman); personal experiences; Zoot Suit Riots; World War II; the Industrial Accident Board.

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45 minutes

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No. 266

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