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Administrator of the Federal Detention Center in El Paso. Mr. Ayala was born April 3, 1920 in Christmas, Arizona, a small mining town located in the southern mountainous area approximately forty miles south of Globe, Arizona. His parents were both United States citizens, but his father was born in Penjamo, Guanajuato, Mexico on February 2, 1878, while his mother was born in 1882 in Mammoth, Arizona. She was born a citizen of the United States on land that her parents were born Mexican citizens on. In 1975, Mr. Ayala received the Bennett Award, the highest administrative accolade within the Federal Prisons system, for outstanding work in operations on the Federal Detention Center in El Paso.

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The prison system in such institutions as the Federal Prison Camp at Florence, Arizona and the Federal Detention Center in El Paso; illegal aliens.

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