S. L. A. Marshall


Richard Estrada

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Military historian

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Biography; encounters with Pancho Villa; Felipe Angeles and Jose Vasconcelos; Albert Bacon Fal l; Pershing Expedition; Columbus Rain; Ciudad Juárez in the teens and 1920's; effect of the railroad on El Paso; Zack Lamar Cobb; Zack White; prominent men in El Paso in l9l5; sentiment in El Paso toward the Mexican Revolution; Pascual Orozco; orientals and blacks in El Paso during the teens; crossing the international bridge; Emil Holmdahl; Sam Dreben; General Pershing; prejudice against Mexicans; the El Paso Herald Post vs. the El Paso Times; friendliness of El Paso; Chris P. Fox; returning to El Paso after World War I; newspaper work; Ku Klux Klan; the Depression; Copper baseball league; re-enlisting as a private in the National Guard; humor columnist; origin of nicknam "Slam"; Revindication Revolution; Prohibition; cultural advantages of El Paso; Lawson-Jackson fight; Tiger Flowers-Gorilla Jones fight; use of marijuana; prostitution in the 1920's; work with the Detroit News; World War II military broadcast column; trips to Mexico and conditions there; Sherwood Anderson; Ulises Irigoyen; L. M. Lawson; the United Nations; El Paso-Ciudad Juárez relations; Cedillo; oil expropriations; Josephus Daniels; Charles Lindberg; Francisco Mujica; Spanish Civil War; Ernest Hemingway

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5 ½ hours

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No. 181

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No. 181

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141 pages

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Irma Hernándes and Rhonda Hartman

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No. 181

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