Eva Antone Ross


200th Anniversary of the Sisters of Loretto

Summary of Interview

The interview takes place at the Convent of Loretto in El Paso Texas. She was born in St. Louis, Missouri. She was born on February 9, 1940. Her brother is 15 years older than her and mentions her parents were older when she was born. Her father was 40 years old and her mother was 38. She was taught at our Lady of Mt. Carmel for kindergarten through eight grade and then attended Sisters of Loretto High School. She then attended Webster University in St. Louis and graduated in 1963. Her final vows her done in 1966. She has been a Sister of Loretto 52 years. She discusses the Sisters who had a great influence on her and her decision to become a Sister of Loretto. The sense of the community the sisters displayed while growing up influenced her. She said she could see that the sisters loved each other and they seemed happy and she was convinced she wanted to become a sister. She is on the Executive Board for the Sisters of Loretto. She discusses the administrative areas of the Sisters of Loretto. She talks about their co-members and how they become co-members. Schwartz talks about the four sisters who are currently in Pakistan. The establishment of the Sisters of Loretto took years with several years of training. The four sisters live in Falisbad, Pakistan. She talks about her train ride from St. Louis to El Paso, she was very emotional and cried. In 1963 – 1966 she was in El Paso. She recalls her early memories of her time in El Paso and loved it. In 1966, she then went to Kansas City. This was before the Sisters got to choose where they wanted to live. She was in Kansas City for four years. After they were allowed to choose, she returned to El Paso. She discusses the difficulty of planning for retirement and where she would live after retirement. She was also a principal of Loretto Academy for eleven years, 1976-1987. In 1970 the Board of Trustees was founded. She discusses the philosophy of Loretto and the plans for the Sisters and co-members to go to the Mother House in Kentucky for the bi-centennial that will take place on April 25, 2012. She is currently the Director of Development for Huckleberry Youth Programs for run away and at-risk teenagers in California, in the San Francisco area.

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