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200th Anniversary of the Sisters of Loretto

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The location of this interview took place at Teirra Madre, a house located off McNutt in Sunland Park, NM. Four sister’s live at this house. Sister Eva Marie Salas was born in La Union, New Mexico. She attended public school and graduated from Gasden High School. Her father was absent during her childhood. Her mother owned a grocery store while they were growing up. Salas said her public school education prepared her for college. She attended Webster College, now Webster University. She discusses the process of becoming a nun. The first six months are known as postulancy. When they are “recieved” and take their vows they actually become sisters. She discusses her time at the Mother House and why she decided to choose the Sisters of Loretto. She vividly remembers attending a retret for her godmother when she decided to become a sister. Sister Mary Michelle spoke to her about becoming a sister at the retreat and she decided there. Salas also discusses about her postulant misteress and her daily life in the Mother House. She discusses the mission of the Sisters of Loretto. During her time at the Mother House there were 100 novices in 1955. She said they would get up at 5 am, go to chapel, pray, have meditation, daily mass and were eating breakfast at 7 am. She also discusses her time in South America. She went to Bolivia to help start a school for children. She was a prinicipal at the school. Three other sisters of Loretto accompanied her. The school followed the Bolivia ministry of education guidelines. Half of the day was taught in Spanish and the other half was taught in English. She talks about the Vatican Council and how the “habit”, a garment worn on their head, was changed. They wore simple clothes. She was in La Paz, Bolivia during this time. She mentions the natives welcomed their new style and clothes and said they felt closer to the sisters. She also discusses the Sisters of Loretto current mission to help women in Pakistan become sisters.

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No. 1692

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