Togo Railey


Luis A. Saenz


1966 NCAA Championship

Summary of Interview

Togo Railey discusses his recruitment and experience playing for the Texas Western College basketball team. As a basketball player in Austin High School, he had two influential coaches who influenced his decision to attend Texas Western College. While in high school, he recalls the presence of Texas-Western’s basketball coach, Don Haskins, who actively promoted basketball in El Paso and was always looking for recruits. He discusses his admiration for Coach Haskins who he describes as well mannered, a taskmaster, and basketball enthusiast. Railey also describes his first impressions of the Texas-Western basketball team, who he knew would perform well because of their past wins—especially against Iowa State. He also describes his experience in the team when they played against Kentucky State for the 1966 NCAA championship games; He missed the second half of the game due to stomach cramps. Nevertheless, he was able to hear the announcer declare that his team had won as he waited in the locker room. He notes that the victory was great in bringing media attention to the team, especially since Kentucky was rated number one throughout the playoff years while Texas Western College was rated second. Railey does not recall being ridiculed for being part of a team with African American players. However, he does recall they were harassed in Seattle due to the fact that they were playing as the opposing team, not because they had African American players.

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10 minutes

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No. 1652


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No. 1652

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