Olga Kohlberg


Barbara Dent


El Paso History

Summary of Interview

A radio dramatization of Olga Kolberg’s life presents her educational efforts in El Paso. Mrs. Kohlberg describes the concept of kindergarten, and the importance of education in very young children. A narrator details Mrs. Kohlberg’s efforts to raise money and establish a kindergarten in El Paso. El Paso’s school system had the first kindergarten in the state of Texas thanks to the work of Mrs. Kohlberg and the other women. In 1894, the women formed the Current Events Club, later renamed the Womens Club, and led by Mrs. Kohlberg. This group set out to accomplish a number of projects, including organizing a hospital board and establishing a public library. Mrs. Kohlberg was on the library board until her death in 1935.

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15 minutes

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No. 1636


Jose Miguel Leyva

Interview Number

No. 1636

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