Cornelia Love Owen


Barbara Dent


El Paso History/El Paso Medical History

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Cornelia Owen was the daughter of Dr. Jerome Love, who practiced in El Paso, TX; she was born in El Paso, TX in 1910 in a nursing home; she later lived in Ysleta, TX; she mentions that her father and Dr. Felix Miller were friends; she graduated from El Paso High; she describes how her father’s property in Ysleta was leased by the U.S. Army for barracks and security during the Punitive Expedition and World War I.

Summary of Interview

Ms. Owen recounts the various physicians her father knew like Dr. Holman, his work at Hotel Du Catholic Hospital, Masonic, Southwestern General; she recalls going to Sullins College in Virginia with friends; she explains why she decided to go to Texas College of the Mines now UTEP; she gives information about her husband, sold oxygen and acetylene supplies for mining use; she describes living on Federal St. with her husband and son Dale, her son went to Southern Methodist University and later UTEP for his master’s. She provides background information on her father, born in Arkansas in 1868; she explains why he came to El Paso, his medical school received a letter that the city and surrounding area needed a doctor; she believes he spent time in Thatcher, AZ before heading to Palmer, TX for training on tuberculosis, met his wife there and they returned to El Paso; she describes mother’s involvement in various organizations; she recounts family trips to Cloudcroft, NM; she provides information on Dr. S.D. Turner, his home on Montana St. became the Medical Society office. Ms. Owen recalls her time as a teacher in El Paso before her marriage, after she was involved in the Women’s Club, Junior League of El Paso, YWCA; Dale states his grandmother Margaret Owen helped start the El Paso Orchestra; remembers El Paso during World War II, shopped in Juarez due to rationing; she states husband was exempt from service due to having an essential profession, provided services to the military; Dale recalls time at a cattle ranch Dr. Love purchased in New Mexico in 1945; she mentions her brother and other relatives that are now deceased; describes car accident Dr. Love was in, later attributed to his death from aortic aneurism; they go over their moving out from Federal St. and where they live now, addresses her recent medical issues and the death of her husband; Dale gives a history of the Mexican Revolution in Juarez and El Paso, role of Dr. Love in treating wounded; Dale remembers the building of I-10 and other changes to the city. Ms. Owen closes by recalling travel to Juarez for the night life, attempts by Mexican authorities for bribes.

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55 minutes

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No. 1631


Patrick Driscoll

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No. 1631

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