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Farah Oral History Project

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Cynthia Weber Farah married in to the Farah family, and she recalls Farah family life during critical moments for the company. Weber Farah remembers that family was very important and how the Farah’s tried to maintain the image as the ideal American family. She described her reflections regarding the Farah Strike, and she blames outsider disruption as the main reason for the strike, but also notes other possible factors such as sexual harassment and bad decisionmaking. According to Farah Weber, the company had offered great benefits to its employees before the strike for example, free transportation, eyeglasses, and turkeys for the holidays, which she believed kept the workers happy and with no reason to strike. Furthermore, Weber Farah explains her anger with recent historians who made the strike a symbol of Chicano Power because she believes that employees were better off before the strike. Due to the strike, Webber Farah clarifies that employees lost many of the benefits that they had received. She discusses her reasons why Farah benefitted El Paso economically, and concludes by explaining her confusion as to why people would attempt to give Farah a bad reputation.

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