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Mike Mitchell worked for Farah from 1979 to 2002. In 1976, Mitchell had first heard of Farah while working in Arizona at the Diamond department store, where he sold pants. He moved to El Paso and began working for Farah where he became Senior Vice President of Marketing in 1989. He continued to be promoted within the company in 1990 he served the company as Executive Vice President of Sales and in 1992 he became President of Farah. As an employee, Mitchell remembered enjoying spending time with Willy Farah and many other top executives at the company. He also explained the transition Farah had with Sears, and also how Farah won vendor of the year award with Sears. Due to its success with Sears, he remembered how difficult it was to serve other companies, but after finding a loophole Farah was also able to work with companies like Wal-Mart. Mitchell considered his time at Farah a roller coaster ride and place where something always was going on.

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