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John Alvarado witnessed what at the time was one the most fatal traffic accidents in New Mexico involving the Clifford Family; he was attending New Mexico State University at the time in 1979-1980, he was in car with his friends Steve Glover, Ronny Kemp, he was going to go watch the horse races in Ruidoso; was a passenger while Steve Glover was driving; he describes a vehicle that he believes to have been a Ford Bronco in front of them was attempting a U-turn on the road when it hit an eighteen wheeler coming in the opposite direction near the casino; they stopped and pulled over due to the accident and dust; he checked for the condition of the people involved in the accident, went to get help and a first aid kit at a border checkpoint station nearby; he describes only witnessed signs of life from a fifteen year old in the back seat, the husband and wife in front seat did not seem like they would make it.

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