Laureano Martinez


Bracero Oral History Project

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Consolacion Herrera Chaidez was born in Carreras, Durango, México; he was one of ten children; at an early age, he worked in agriculture; in 1926 he began going to the United States for work; his first job in the United States was as a dishwasher in a restaurant.

Summary of Interview

He remembers being stopped by immigration after work but was released because he had money and was gainfully employed; he recalls returning in the 1930’s to Carreras; his first attempt to join the Bracero Program was unsuccessful, he waited in Mexico City for three months before returning to Carreras; he recalls many people returning from the program with bad experiences and no money, which did not discourage him; on his next attempt of the Bracero Program he was selected; he recalls receiving injections and having his hands inspected in Durango; he worked in the train and in the fields; on the train he reinforced tracks; in California he picked tomatoes, lettuce, and carrots; he describes the barracks, pay, work schedule, and the treatment he endured by the managers and owners; additionally, he recounts sending money to his parents through money orders and saving the rest of his earnings enabled him to maintain his farm in Carreras; additionally, he recalls remaining in the United States after the end of the program to work; upon his return to Carreras he farmed his lands but because of drought and the lack of opportunities in Mexico he permanently moved to the United States. To conclude, he finds the term Bracero is not used anymore, and few people know about them.

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Length of Interview

86 minutes

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No. 1544


Mayra L. Avila

Interview Number

No. 1544

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