Mamie Salazar-Harper


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Hispanic Entrepreneurs Oral History Project

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Successful businesswoman Mamie Salazar-Harper began her life in Victoria, Texas, as one of eight daughters born to Manuel and Julia Salazar. Claiming that her mother’s strong work ethic and her father’s entrepreneurial spirit gave her and her sisters the tools they needed for success, Salazar-Harper worked her way up from a position as the Beeville, Texas, ColorTyme store manager, to the Rio Grande Valley regional manager for ColorTyme, and finally as the sole owner of the El Paso franchise. In this interview, Salazar-Harper shares her experiences as a woman and a Mexican-American entering into the business world. In addition, Salazar-Harper discusses the El Paso business environment and asserts that the city’s diversity offers both opportunities and challenges for commercial enterprise. She also offers advice to would-be entrepreneurs, including a discussion of financing and credit options and local networking opportunities, as well as advocating personal sacrifice, high commitment levels, solid planning, and diversification of services.

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