Lisa Herrera


Arlina Palacios


Paso del Norte Entrepreneurship Oral History Project

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Lisa Herrera was born in El Paso, Texas and is the youngest of eight children. Her mother Edlinda ran a bridal shop and her father Leonardo ran a motel. She attended Cooley Elementary, Ross School and Burgess High School. She married and has three children. Lisa is the founder and owner of Corporate Connections in El Paso, Texas.

Summary of Interview

Lisa got her start in selling retail with her mother and sister who owned and ran a local bridal shop. Lisa’s father also ran a motel and did most of the work at the motel himself. Lisa learned how to manage a business and the work ethic that goes with it from watching her parents run their businesses. Later while Lisa worked at a boutique she was approached by local business woman Joanne Wardy to sell corporations gifts for their company. Lisa got into the business and with the help of her husband she was able to grow slowly and successfully. Lisa established Corporate Connections in El Paso Texas, Salt Lake City Utah and Rio Rancho New Mexico. Corporate Connections provides quality corporate apparel and promotional products that are tailored to that specific corporation. The advice Lisa would offer entrepreneurs is to have a solid business plan that can provide a great sound board for the business. Also Lisa advises entrepreneurs to get involved with their local chamber of commerce and other organizations that can assist in creating a business and networking the business. In addition, Lisa states that it is crucial to find a niche and find out how to market that niche.

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