Jorge Vielledent


Arlina Palacios


Paso del Norte Entrepreneurship Oral History Project

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Jorge Vielledent was born in Chihuahua, México on July 30, 1963. Jorge grew up in Chihuahua for 16 years until his family decided to move to the United States. Jorge attended Coronado High School and The University of Texas at El Paso with a degree in business administration. Jorge is married with children and currently lives in El Paso, Texas. He is the owner of Synergy Group.

Summary of Interview

At the time of Jorge’s graduation from The University of Texas at El Paso, his father presented him with $500 dollars so Jorge could get his licenses, registrations, pay the exams fees, and NASD registrations. Initially when Jorge graduated from college he worked internationally with clients all over the world, especially those from México. When the 1994 devaluation of the peso occurred, Jorge ventured into the business he has now. Jorge networks with companies such as AXA. Jorge’s company, Synergy Group works to help people with financial planning. The company assists clients in the accumulation phase, distribution phase and transfer phase. Jorge is also mentor local college students because he believes in the future of El Paso and that future starts with retaining the talent from The University of Texas at El Paso within the city. Jorge also credits his brother Federico for being his mentor while learning the business. The advice Jorge offers entrepreneurs is to find where you would be most effective and most passionate, get exposure to the business you are interested in, find a good mentor to help you through the process, network and get involved in the community.

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