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Paso del Norte Entrepreneurs Oral History Project

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Edith Morales was born in El Paso, Texas on August 19, 1970. Her father, Roberto Portillo worked in construction and her mother Elvia was a house wife who also worked selling clothing, Avon, and Jafra. Edith was mostly educated in Ciudad Juárez, México but attended two years of school at Socorro High School in Socorro a city within El Paso County, Texas. Edith attended The University of Texas at Dallas. Edith is married with two children. Edith is the owner of Printek Supplies Inc. in El Paso.

Summary of Interview

Edith Morales was born in El Paso, Texas but grew up in Ciudad Juárez, México as well. Edith attended The University of Texas at Dallas. She began working at a company called Daisy Tech in Plano, Texas eventually running their Latin America division in Miami, Florida and in México City, México. After twelve years of working for that company, the company went out of business. Edith started Printek Supplies Inc. in Miami. In 2005 while visiting family in El Paso, Edith and her husband decided to move their company and family back to El Paso. Edith belongs to the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and E-Woman Network. The advice Edith offers people seeking entrepreneurship is to never give up because you can do whatever you want, just as long as you believe that you can. Also, you should surround yourself with positive people and people you can learn from.

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