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Bracero Oral History

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Jesus Ibarra Huerta was born on November 12, 1937 in San Felipe, Guanajuato. His father was a farmer in Guanajuato and his mother a housewife. They sold beans and corn harvested. Ibarra studied for one year when he was a child. Ibarra worked with his father since he was a child. He worked as bracero picking cotton and cucumber in Texas and Michigan.

Summary of Interview

Mr. Ibarra worked as a farmer since he was young. He traveled to Monterrey, Mexico to get hired as a bracero and then to El Paso del Aguila, Texas. Ibarra worked for the first time picking cotton in Laredo, Texas. He renewed his contract three consecutive times and worked in Bryan, Mission, McAllen and Mandy Texas. Ibarra worked in six different cities around Texas in 1957 and 1958. He renewed his contract and worked for eight months picking beetroot in Bay City, Michigan. He worked as a bracero for the last time in 1964. He got his American residency thanks to his brother in law that made the petition for him and his wife. He feels happy and satisfied thanks for all he got thanks to his work as a bracero.

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