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Bracero Oral History

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Onésimo Santiago Ramos Escobar was born in San Pedro Ixtlahuaca, Oaxaca, México on July 25, 1932; His parents died when he was twelve years old; Mr. Ramos attended school for only two years; He had five brothers and all of them started working after their father died; He worked as a bracero picking cotton and lettuce in El Valle Imperial and Stockton, California .

Summary of Interview

Onésimo Santiago Ramos Escobar heard about the bracero program when he was twelve years old; Escobar was hired as a bracero in 1958 and traveled to El Valle Imperial. Escobar worked picking lettuce and cotton for one year. Escobar worked until 1959 in el Valle Imperial. He renewed his contract and worked in Stockton, California picking asparagus, potatoes and vegetables. He had a salary of $0.12 cents per sack of onion and $0.03 cents per sack of potato. His bosses treated him well; also the places where they slept and ate were good. He feels very happy because with the money that he saved during that period, he had more opportunities for a better life.

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