Delfina Perez Reyes


Mireya Loza


Bracero Oral History

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Delfina Perez was born in San Pedro Ixtlahuaca in October 12,1942; Her parents worked in the field, but they died when Ms. Perez was twelve years old; Delfina Perez lived four years with her grandparents. She worked grinding flour for the Oaxaca Company and her husband worked as a bracero in the United States.

Summary of Interview

Delfina Perez Reyes lived with her parents and his sister in San Ixtlahuaca, Oaxaca, México. Her parents died when she was twelve years old. Miss Perez moved in with her grandparents when her parents died. Delfina was married when she was sixteen years old and moved to live with the parents of her husband. Her husband worked as a bracero in the United States while Mrs. Perez took care of his three sons. Her sons felt very sad because his father was not with them. They found a better life with more opportunities for all her family thanks to the bracero program.

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