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Bracero Oral History

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Roman Olivares Hernandez was born in Metehuala, San Luis Potosi, México on February 28,1935. Hernandez traveled to Monterrey, México in order to study until high school. He worked without documentation in the United States, but was later deported. Mr. Hernandez was hired as a bracero in 1958 and worked picking and cleaning cucumbers.

Summary of Interview

Olivares Hernandez traveled to Monterrey with his father. Hernandez studied in Monterey, México until high school. After he studied, he traveled to the United States to work without documentation. In 1958, Olivares was hired in the bracero program. The first place where Olivares worked was Allenton, Michigan picking cucumber. His bosses treated him well and were very happy about that. The food offered in the fields was really good, once the braceros complained about the food and his bosses fixed the problem. Olivares is very disappointed because the American government did not give him his retirement money and he is still waiting for it.

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