Ofelia Morales


Mireya Loza


Bracero Oral History

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Mrs. Morales was born in Calvillo, Aguascalientes, Mexico; she is one of six children; her father worked in agriculture and her mother was a housewife; as a young girl, she began working as a seamstress; she received very little formal education; she married a bracero, Mr. Felix Loera; her husband returned to Mexico after completing four contracts.

Summary of Interview

Mrs. Morales discusses making blouses at home and selling them to a maquilladora; Mrs. Morales recalls that her father inherited land and he cultivated guayaba; a priest visited with her parents in order to discuss Mr. Felix Loera’s marriage proposal; she recalls her parents being very upset; she was sixteen yeas old when she married Mr. Felix Loera; they had one son, Abadón; they learned of the bracero program in their hometown; she moved back to her parents home while her husband was working in the bracero program; she talks about receiving money from her husband and how she travelled to Calvillo to cash the checks; after his first contract, Mr. Loera returned briefly with clothing materials and clothes for Abadón; Mrs. Morales briefly discusses her husband’s experience as a bracero; she describes the fear that the wives endured while their husbands traveled to the United States as braceros; she describes how they were able to buy land and build a home with the money he earned as a bracero; she continues to earn a living making and embroidering blouses for the maquiladora; her husband did not return to the United States after his fourth contract.

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30 minutes

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No. 1395

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