Julian Velazquez


Marina Kalashnikova


Bracero Oral History

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Julian Velazquez was born in Santiago Papasquiaro, Durango, México on April 4, 1931; He worked in the field and took care of animals since he was a child; Mr. Velazquez was not able to go to school; His parents worked in the agricultural fields, and planted corn and beans; He was hired in the bracero program in 1950 and worked picking cotton in La Mesa, New Mexico.

Summary of Interview

Mr. Velazquez at the age of seven started taking care of animals and working in the agricultural fields. In 1950, he made the decision to travel to Juárez to find an opportunity to be hired in the bracero program. He paid $50 pesos to be hired and was moved the next day to El Paso, Texas. He received a contract to work picking cotton in the city of La Mesa, New Mexico, earning $0.40 an hour. Following that contract, Velazquez returned to the United States to work in the state of California picking strawberries. The next destination was Suinsun City, California picking peaches and plums. The best salary earned was $0.90 an hour picking lettuce. In 1973, he obtained residency with out any complication. Mr. Velazquez worked some years in Chicago and then returned to Phoenix where he remains living with his wife and part of his family.

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