Francisco Uribe Ramos


Ivonne Mendez


Bracero Oral History

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Uribe Ramos Francisco was born on April 4 of 1933, in Mixtlán, Jalisco, México; His father was a potter and had a good salary, but he spent all his money on alcohol; as a young boy, he helped his family by working in neighborhood towns asking for any kind of job; he was formally educated trough the third grade; later when he was eighteen years old he became a bracero. He worked picking cotton in Arizona and California.

Summary of Interview

Mr. Uribe traveled to Empalme to get hired in the bracero program. He brought with him his Mexican military ID and worked as a bracero until he was twenty-five. The first place where he worked was Gila Bend, Arizona and in Blythe, California picking cotton. The daily salary was $0.02 per pound, reaching $3.00 to $4.50 per day. During that time Uribe paid $15.00 for food. Mr. Uribe returned to the United States and worked without documentation in Avondale until a Border Patrol found him and sent him to jail in Phoenix. Uribe was later deported to Nogales. Years later, Uribe received the American residency when he married his current wife. He tried to get the residency for his family that he left on Mixtlan, Jalisco, Mexico, but the process still remains on hold.

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