Mireya Loza


Bracero Oral History

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

María Concepción Loza-González was born on December 15, 1941, on a ranch in Manuel Doblado, Guanajuato, México; she was the second born of her fourteen siblings; eight of them were boys, and six were girls; her older brother, Juan, and one of her younger brothers, Manuel, enlisted in the bracero program; they helped support María and the rest of their siblings.

Summary of Interview

Ms. Loza-González talks about her family and what it was like for her growing up; her older brother, Juan, worked as a bracero in Michigan and Texas; he often sent money home to his mom to help care for his siblings and send them to school; María describes how hard it was for the family to survive while he was gone; the entire family had to adapt to his absence, including changes in their daily chores for working the land and caring for the animals; it was especially difficult to wait for word from him, because the mail took so long; she goes on to discuss the economic difficulties she and her family faced; in addition, she describes one instance in which her appendix ruptured, and she had to ride a horse into town to have surgery; María explains that there was no running water, light, or paved roads at the time; one of her younger brothers, Manuel, also joined the bracero program; he was able to work with Juan in Michigan, but he went alone to Arkansas; Juan and Manuel became braceros in the hope of having a better life; Juan took on the primary responsibility for helping the family; he brought home a lot of clothes, and a necklace, bedspread, and purse for her; another brother, Pedro, came to the United States illegally, but he was later able to obtain legal documentation; María goes on to discuss her brothers’ various travels between México and the United States.

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35 minutes

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