Jesús Rosales Ríos


Laureano Martínez


Bracero Oral History

Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee

Jesús Rosales was born on June 8, 1922; he grew up in Durango, Durango, México; in 1956, he began work as a bracero; he picked grapes and irrigated crops in California and Texas.

Summary of Interview

Mr. Rosales remembers the Cristero Revolution from when he was four years old; he became a bracero in 1956, and recounts his work picking grapes in California and cotton in Texas; additionally, he recalls how he learned to irrigate crops; this duty became his primary job; he recounts how he was hospitalized once and had surgery paid for by his employer; furthermore, he expresses that he received good treatment from his employers, and that he is proud of having been a bracero.

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Length of Interview

75 minutes

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No. 1016

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No. 1016

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64 pages

Interview Number

No. 1016

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Interview in Spanish.