Juan E. Noriega

Interview in Spanish.

Summary of Interview

Mr. Juan E. Noriega was an undocumented worker but he received a letter from his boss and he was able to contract as a bracero in El Centro, California; he worked twelve hour shifts as an irrigator; after five years, in 1959, he returned to Sonora, Mexico and renewed his contracted; he was sent to Tracy, California; he goes on to detail the camp size, living conditions, provisions, treatment, and recreational activities; he worked in the tomato and onion fields for six months; he briefly discusses the dances that were held in Brawley, California; he and his brother rented a room in town because they did not want to live in the camp; he states that the foreman at Tracy, California was from Michoacán and he mistreated the braceros; the foreman from Brawley, California was Anglo and he treated them very well; he states that the braceros from southern Mexico were treated unjustly.