Primitivo Bustamante

Interview in Spanish.

Summary of Interview

Mr. Bustamante discusses his family and childhood; during the late fifties, when he was about five or six years old, his father worked as a bracero in California, New Mexico, and Texas; as a young boy, he recalls his father explaining what it meant to be a bracero; despite being encouraged by his father to attend school, he left after the sixth grade, because he didn't like it; he goes on to describe his father as a very hard working man who never let his family go without and who constantly set a good example for him; although his father could not read or write, he always found someone to read and write letters for him; he would also send money orders home via registered mail; with the money he sent, his wife was able to buy beds, tables, chairs, and other such furnishings for their home; when he returned to México, he would bring gifts for his children and stay for about three or four months before leaving to work again; on one occasion, his wife went with him to Texas and had a child while there, but she returned to México shortly thereafter; he eventually returned to México, where he continued working in agriculture; Primitivo immigrated to the United States during the seventies, and consequently, all his children were born here as well; he concludes by describing how proud he is of his father and his legacy of hard work.