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Paul D. Thomas, born about 1884 in Cleveland, Tennessee, came to El Paso, Texas in the early twentieth century, where he practiced law and later served as judge. He married Lillian Farr. Their son, Paul Farr Thomas, was born on September 15, 1920, and became a real estate broker and prominent farmer and rancher in Fabens, Texas. The Thomas Family papers consist of the Paul D. Thomas legal files and the Paul F. Thomas farming records. The legal files contain two cases related to the Hipolito Villa jewelry claims of 1915-1917, and land claims to a ranch in Chihuahua, Mexico by the Babicora Development Company of California in 1956. The farming records contain financial records and worker and production records for Paul F. Thomas’ agricultural pursuits in Fabens, Texas from 1948-1958. These records include some records of braceros (Mexican farm workers).