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The Woman’s Auxiliary was established in 1924 as the El Paso Women’s Association led by Mrs. Frank H. Seamon. The goal of the Woman’s Auxiliary was, “…to do any and all things conducive to the betterment of the College and ultimate welfare of the student body.” They were instrumental in many developments around the University, from raising funds for student loans and faculty salaries, to funding gyms, athletics, and marching bands. Seeing that students needed a reliable source for food on campus these women were the founders and original staff of the Pick ‘n’ Shovel Cafeteria. In addition, they were instrumental in supporting the building of the Centennial Museum and the beautification of the campus through landscaping. The Woman’s Auxiliary still supports the UTEP community and students through their scholarship funds. The Woman’s Auxiliary has hosted luncheons, teas, fashion shows, and fundraisers throughout their history both to support the University and to connect with other members of the El Paso community through social events. Many of these events are recorded in their organizational papers. The Woman’s Auxiliary remains active in their work supporting the University and in their social activities.